Completed Theses


Bachelor and Master Theses

02/ 2018 Julia Kolbinger Master Thesis: Entwicklung, Analyse und Vergleich eines Unscented Kalman Filters
mit Standardverfahren in der Navigation
11/ 2016 Chiraz Nafouki Master Thesis: Visual SLAM with Ranging Aid
10/ 2015 Michele Iafrancesco Master Thesis: GPS/ INS Tightly Coupled Position and Attitude Determination with
Low-cost Sensors
10/ 2015 Andreas Sperl Master Thesis: Joint RTK and Attitude Determination
09/ 2015 Christian Werner Bachelor Thesis: Implementation of a Vision-based SLAM System with Inertial Aid
02/ 2015 Martin Lülf Master Thesis: Reliable GNSS Carrier Phase-based Estimation for Attitude
Determination Applications
02/ 2015 Adrian Prunean Master Thesis: Ranging-Assisted Monocular Visual Odometry
01/ 2015 Lai Yi Master Thesis: Dual Frequency Ephemeris Monitor for GBAS
12/ 2014 Philipp Berthold Master Thesis: Multi-Sensor Fusion Framework for Autonomous Systems
12/ 2014 Patrick Burger Master Thesis: Tightly Coupled Sensor Fusion With Camera Images, Satellite
Images, GPS and INS
10/ 2014 Steffen Dempfle Master Thesis: Navigation System Error Model for Future Dual-
Frequency and Dual-Constellation GBAS
10/ 2014 Qingchen Zhang Master Thesis: Statistics of Tightly Coupled Position and Attitude Determination
07/ 2014 Yuji Zhu Master Thesis: Ionospheric Bias Estimation with Kriging
07/ 2014 Simon Bilgeri Bachelor Thesis: Three-View RGB-D System and its Spatial Uncertainty Model
02/ 2014 Robert Pöhlmann Bachelor Thesis: Analysis of AIS Data Records
12/ 2013 Nataliya Mishukova Master Thesis: RTK and PPP with Galileo and GPS
12/ 2013 Naoya Julien Oku Bachelor Thesis: Integration of a Low-Cost Inertial Measurement Unit in a GPS Based
Heading Estimation System
09/ 2013 Jane Jean Kiam Master Thesis: Low-cost GPS-based Compass with Reliable Ambiguity Resolution
and Cycle Slip Correction
05/ 2013 Christoph Bamann Master Thesis: Common Field-of-View of Cameras in Robotic Swarms: Autonomous
Detection and Application to Vehicle Grouping
03/ 2013 Juan M. Cardenas Master Thesis: Precise Attitude Determination with Low Cost GNSS Receivers
01/ 2013 Juan José Pimento Master Thesis: Joint heading estimation with low-cost GNSS boards and Inertial
12/ 2012 Carl Felix Hammes Bachelor Thesis: Heading Estimation with Two Low-Cost GPS Receivers of Novatel
11/ 2012 Joan Erencia Guerrero Master Thesis: Ionosphere Monitoring in GBAS using Dual-Frequency GNSS
10/ 2012 Jean-Baptiste Gigant Diploma Thesis: Optimization of Pseudolite Pulsing Scheme and the
Implementation for Participative Receivers
09/ 2012 Andreas Brack Master Thesis: Precise Point Positioning: Tropospheric Mapping Functions and Best
Integer Equivariant Estimation
07/ 2012 Quirin Funke Diploma Thesis: Implementation of an ECSS Compliant Transceiver Using Software
Defined Radios
06/ 2012 Philipp Berthold Bachelor Thesis: Digital Antenna Control System for the Ground Station Raisting 1
05/ 2012 Martin Lülf Bachelor Thesis: Evaluation of Synchronization Algorithms with USRP
11/ 2011 Mathieu Davaine Master Thesis: Code Bias and Multipath Estimation with Cascaded Kalman Filter
09/ 2011 Chen Zhu Master Thesis: High Accuracy Multi-link Synchronization in LTE Downlink
09/ 2011 Siwei Zhang Master Thesis: Distributed Cooperative Positioning for Next Generation Mobile
Radio Systems
09/ 2011 Mathieu Cattenoz Master Thesis: GNSS Receiver Front-end Modelling for Satellite and Pseudolite
04/ 2011 Mantas Palubinskas Master Thesis: Interference Mitigation in GNSS
07/ 2010 Mario Gomez Arias Bachelor Thesis: Adaptive Kalman Filter-Based Phase-Tracking in GNSS
05/ 2010 Zhibo Wen Master Thesis: Estimation of Code and Phase Biases in Satellite Navigation
12/ 2009 Quirin Funke Bachelor Thesis: Satellite Constellations for Data Transfer from the Moon
10/ 2009 Nabil Ghanem Master Thesis: Performance Analysis of Tracking Loops in Highly Dynamical
03/ 2009 Victor Danubio Gomez Master Thesis: Partial Ambiguity Fixing for Precise Point Positioning with Multiple
Frequencies in the Presence of Biases
02/ 2009 Susanne Schlötzer Master Thesis: High Integrity Carrier Phase Based Relative Positioning
for Precision Landing using a Robust Nonlinear Filter
02/ 2009 Pratana Kukieattikool Diploma Thesis: GNSS Signal Analysis using High Gain Antenna
05/ 2007 Markus Rippl Diploma Thesis: GNSS Carrier Phase Multipath Analysis
04/ 2007 Patrick Rémi Diploma Thesis: Error Analysis and Augmentation Signal Generation for GNSS
11/ 2006 Yuan Lu Diploma Thesis: Clock Steering System Making Use of GPS Time Transfer
05/ 2006 Markus Rippl Studienarbeit: Locating Optimal Navigation
Satellite Configurations