Conference Proceedings

Below you can find the abstracts of the presentations and posters included in the conference schedule.

Session 1A - Urban Air Mobility

6061     Analysis of Urban Air Mobility’s Transport Performance in Munich Metropolitan Region

                Raoul Rothfeld Rothfeld, Mengying Fu, Constantinos Antoniou

6065     Identifying the factors affecting the use and adoption of urban air mobility

            Christelle Al Haddad, Emmanouil Chaniotakis, Anna Straubinger, Kay Plötner, Constantinos Antoniou

6187     Modeling Induced Demand by Urban Air Mobility

                Ana Tsui Moreno, Carlos Llorca Garcia, Rolf Moeckel, Constantinos Antoniou

6101     Identification of Strategies How Urban Air Mobility Can Improve Existing Public Transport Networks

             Anna Straubinger, Mengying Fu

Session 1B - Network Modeling I

6064      Evaluation of multiple optimisation techniques for the identification of tours within multi-period ODs                               Theocharis Ballis, Loukas Dimitriou

6073      Evaluation of Floating Car Data quality for traffic congestion analysis on motorways

              Bartosz Bursa, Wolfgang Blumthaler, Markus Mailer

6078      An Improved Structural Equations System for Lane-mean Speeds Prediction and Modeling the                      Endogeneity of Adjacent Lane Speeds

              Qinglong Lu

6109      Dynamic network loading based on link travel times

              Omar Mansour, Tomer Toledo

6113      Automatic calibration of the link fundamental diagram for macroscopic traffic simulation models

              Sasan Amini, Gabriel Tilg, Ahmet Cagri Tekin, Daniele Tiddi, Fritz Busch

Session 2A - Shared Mobility

6041      Quantifying the Benefits of Autonomous On-Demand Ride-Pooling: A Simulation Study in Munich,                Germany

              Roman Engelhardt

6058      Ridesourcing for the first/last mile: How do transfer penalties impact travel time savings?

              Daniel Reck, Kay W. Axhausen

6082      The Value of Prepositioning in Smartphone-Based Vanpool Services Under Stochastic Requests

              and Time-Dependent Travel Times

              Donghui Li, Constantinos Antoniou, Hai Jiang, Qianyan Xie, Wei Shen, Weijian Han

6083      How Scheduling Advances Affect Critical Mass and Fleeting in Smartphone-Based Vanpooling

              Donghui Li, Constantinos Antoniou, Hai Jiang, Wei Shen, Liang Zhang, Weijian Han

6094      Simulating the impact of shared, autonomous vehicles on urban mobility in Milan - A case study                  for data-driven decision-making

              Oliver Wohak, Thorsten Sickenberger, Christian Wieseotte, Mathias Hummel

6363      System Oriented Evaluation of Infrastructure Variants for New Mobility Concepts in Municipalities

              Gabriele Harrer-Puchner, Caroline Cerar

6431      The Adoption of Shared Mobility in California and Its Impacts on the Use of Other Travel Modes

              Giovanni Circella, Farzad Alemi, Grant Matson

Session 2B - Network Modeling II

6029      Modeling Individualized Travel Time with a Back Propagation Neural Network

               Qing Tang, Xianbiao Hu

6033      Modelling Cellphone Trace Travel Mode with Neural Networks Using Transit SmartCard and Home Interview Survey Data

                James Vaughan, Ahmadreza Faghih Imani,  Bilal Yusuf, Eric Miller

6042      Design of a stated preference survey to model intermodal choice behavior of carsharing users

                Anna Reiffer

6099      A novel tool to understand travel behavior using Floating Car Data

                Abdallah Abu-Aisha, Ralph Harfouche, Christos Katrakazas, Constantinos Antoniou

6093      The influence of road, vehicle and driver characteristics on the circumstances that cause traffic accidents

                Laura Ebolia, Carmen Forcinitia, Gabriella Mazzulla

6091      Multi-modal Activity-based Mobility Generation Applied to Microscopic Traffic Simulations

                Lara Codeca, Jérôme Härri

6079      On the empirical parameterisation of a simulation model for platooning on single-lane roads

                Frank Brooks-Tyreman, R. Eddie Wilson

Session 3A - New Mobility Concepts

6030      E-scooters: Equity, Trip Patterns, and the Necessary Urban Policy Response

                Gabor Debreczeni

6035      Integration of MaaS into macroscopic demand models

                Martin Snethlage

6059      Comparative Data Analysis for Quality Assessment of On-Street Parking Information

                Syrus Gomari, Christoph Knoth, Constantinos Antoniou

6062      Shaping the mobility in university campuses throughout ICT solutions

                Eva Campos Diaz, María Teresa Tormo Lancero,Pedro Valero-Mora, Panagiotis Papantoniou et al.

6087      Switch or Stay: service-based and goal-based motivators for switching from yearly transit ticket to

Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS)

                Rumana Islam Sarker, Jinhee Kim, Sigal Kaplan, Markus Mailer

6098      How can new forms of Mobility support the urban and regional transition to sustainable mobility?

                Jan Garde, Dirk Wittowsky

6111      Urby-me, a novel way to use smart phone GPS to gather quantitative and qualitative daily mobility data

                Dominic Villeneuve, Fernando Simas

Session 3B - Public and Intermodal Transport

6055      Holistic cost assessment of innovative vehicle drivetrains and infrastructure measures to reduce

emissions in regional railway

                Florian Mueller, Markus Guerster, Kilian Schmidt, Nikola Obrenovic, Nourelhouda Dougui, Michel Bierlaire

5949      Integration of public transport prioritization and bicycle signal coordination in traffic signal control.

                Hashmatullah Sadid, Georgios Grigoropoulos, Eftychios Papapanagiotou

6036      Impacts of autonomous vehicle deployment on demand for line-based public transport services

                Jonas Hatzenbühler, Erik Jenelius, Oded Cats

6040      Performance Evaluation of a V2X Communication System based on IEEE 802.11p for Public Transport Priority

                Miao Wang, Michael Schäfer, Robert Hoyer

6045      A Traveller-centric Approach to Incident Management in Public Transport

                Frederik Bachmann, Antonios Tsakarestos, Andreas Rau

6049      Designing Intermodal Transportation Systems in Rural Areas

                Nicolas Dirks, Laura Frank, Grit Walther

6057      Analysis of Methodological Approaches for the Data-Based Mapping of the Service Quality of

Public Transport

                Teresa Eickels

Session 4A - Data Collection and Pedestrian Modeling

6077      Gathering Trajectories and Traffic Metrics from Street Level Video Recordings using current Deep Learning Algorithms: A Traffic Engineer’s View Focused on Cycling

                Gabriel Wilkes, H. Sebastian Buck, Peter Vortisch,Verena Zeidler

6407     A fleet of drones for collecting large-scale urban traffic data: Experiment description and preliminary results

                Emmanouil Barmpounakis, Nikolas Geroliminis

6095      Incorporate Pedestrian Modeling with a Microscopic Integrated Land Use and Transport Model for an Urban Region

                Qin Zhang, Rolf Moeckel, Kelly Clifton

Session 4B - Vehicle Sharing

5971      Stochastic Petri Nets modelling, performances evaluation and simulation of one way electric cars- sharing systems

                Taha Benarbia

6100      Impact of Road Pricing in Round-Trip and Free-Floating Carsharing Operations

                Carolina Cisterna, Giulio Giorgione, Ernesto Cipriani, Francesco Viti

6123      Public opinion on the future of bike-sharing systems: a social media analysis

                David Duran-Rodas, Gebhard Wulfhorst

Session 5A - Traffic Control and Road Safety

6047      The role of trip lengths in control strategies and Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram traffic models

                Sergio Batista, Deepak Ingole, Ludovic Leclercq, Monica Menendez

6053      Enhanced Queue Length Estimation in Oversaturated Conditions for Adaptive Signal Control based on Aggregated Floating Car Data

                Eftychios Papapanagiotou, Florian Noack, Fritz Busch, Laura Coconea

6068      Road Traffic Fatalities on a Global Scale: Challenges at the macro-level information

                Paraskevas Nikolaou, Loukas Dimitriou, Constantinos Antoniou

6043      Systematic Assessment of the quasi-dynamic assumption for congested and uncongested networks

                    Angela Romano, Guido Cantelmo, Francesco Viti, Vittorio Marzano, Fulvio Simonelli

6103      Measuring spatial intrapersonal variability of road users using Bluetooth data

                     Fiona Crawford, D. P. Watling, R. D. Connors

6121      Perceptions of Equity: A stated Preference Experiment

                     Emmanouil Chaniotakis, Tao Ma,Yousuf Dinar, Paul Pabst, Sodayf Ahadi et al.

Session 5B - Policy and Foresight

6071      Factors Affecting the Shift to Autonomous Vehicles: A Safety Perspective Survey in Munich

                Muhammad Kunwar, Christos Katrakazas, Athanasios Theofilatos, Constantinos Antoniou

6097      Studying the impact of Connectivity and automation in uphill freeway sections

                Michail Makridis, Ludovic Leclercq, Biagio Ciuffo, Konstantinos Mattas

6115      Scenario evaluation of autonomous and connected transport – identifying datasets, tools and criteria based on the state-of-the-art findings

                Paweł Gora, Constantinos Antoniou, Arkadiusz Drabicki

6116      Crowdsourcing the Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles under Constrained Budget and Quality Restrictions

                Magdalena Peksa, Klaus Bogenberger, Bipin Indurkhya

5966      Future evolution of the car stock in Belgium

                Laurent Franckx

6028      System Dynamics Simulation of the End-Customer and Raw Materials Market of Electrified Vehicles

                Jens Niemann, Robert Meyer, Andreas Schlegel, Matthias Putz

Poster Session

6044      Simulative assessments of energy and space savings due to platooning

             Ganesh Sethuraman, Frederik Bachmann                                           

6046      Perception of Information in Public Transport by People with Disabilities: A Singaporean Perspective

              Aneel Gill, Henriette Cornet, Vijayalakshmi Balasankar, Fritz Frenkler                    

6051      Influence of social media on travel behavior of young adults

              Inga Anton                                        

6052      Traffic Management: the invisible actor in the MaaS value chain

              Laura Coconea, Vassilis Mizaras, Oktay Turetken, Paul Grefen                                  

6054      Urban Logistics – a theoretical perspective on a problem that may exceed economics and engineering

              M.  Sebastian Huster                                                                                                               

6067      A pilot survey for the assessment of the quality of services provided by airlines

              Maria Grazia Bellizzi, Laura Eboli, Gabriella Mazzulla                                     

6069      Planning the Driverless City: public-policy perspectives on emerging business models for new transport technologies in Australia

              John Stone, David Ashmore, Carey Curtis, Crystal Legacy                             

6070      Green Time Split Optimization by Dynamic Programming

              Tom Bagehorn, Andreas Poschinger                                     

6072      Barriers to cycling: A typology of non-cyclists in Germany

              Johannes Mahne-Bieder, Henrike Rau, Monika Popp                                    

6076      User reactions towards differentiated pricing schemes in urban transport - Implications for their implementation

              Angela Francke                                                               

6090      The innovator’s dilemma of the automotive industry: what if?

              Stephan Müller                               

6096      How an unexpected event affects overall driving performance?

              Panagiotis Papantoniou, George Yannis, Dimosthenis Pavlou                                    

6102      Simulation-based Evaluation of the Potential of Local Adaptive Traffic Signal Control for Controlling Urban Networks

              Ying Xin                                              

6104      Spatiotemporal objective and subjective factors influencing the usage of hybrid bike-sharing systems

               David Duran-Rodas, Gebhard Wulfhorst                                             

6105      Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in automotive use cases

               Florian Albert, Lukas Klein                                          

6107      Attitudes of key stakeholders towards sustainable urban mobility: A methodology approach

               Hana Bruhova Foltynova, Eliska Vejchodska, Kristyna Rybnova                 

6108      Choice of active transport as a factor of built environment and place perception

               Nikoleta Krousouloudi                                 

6110      Impacts of Shuttle-based Ride Sharing in Munich

               Abhishek Goturkar, Aitan Militao, Raiza Soza, Sophia Saportas, Vishal Mahajan                        

6120      A LUTI application to analyse effects and impacts of a low-traffic zone for the urban agglomeration of Grenoble

               Fausto Lo Feudo