WG 2 : Solid / Massive Timber

The most important task within this Working Group 2 (Solid/Massive Timber) is the derivation of universal product parameters and design approaches for cross-laminated timber by harmonizing the current status. So far, crosslaminated timber (CLT) is only regulated in European Technical Approvals, in other words, only specific configurations by specific manufacturers are applicable in buildings. As the development of common product requirements is already at an advanced stage and the process of harmonization of the thickness of the base material is ongoing, the focus of this Working Group will be associated with the following aspects:

  • Testing: the development and implementation of valid test configurations to receive the basic material properties, e.g. to derive strength classes;
  • Design: methods to verify the compliance of CLT elements with the essential requirements: mechanical resistance, stability and serviceability.

WG2 Leaders : Prof. Reinhard BRANDNER (AT)  / Prof. Roberto TOMASI (IT)

Fact Sheets of WG2 Members (as of Nov 26, 2018)


COST Action FP1402 - "Final Conference in Munich" (September 13-14, 2018)

COST Action FP1402 - WG2 / TG4 Intermediate Meeting in Trento (July 17-18, 2017)

TG4 held their intermediate meeting on July 17-18 in Trento, Italy. Members attending were : Prof. Roberto Tomasi(NMBU), Daniele Casagrande (Ivalsa), Stefano Bezzi(University of Trento) and Maurizio Follesa(dedalegno). The agenda and minutes of the meeting can be found below:

- Agenda of the TG4 intermediate meeting in Trento
- Minutes of the TG4 intermediate meeting in Trento



COST Action FP1402 - 2nd Workshop "State-of-the-Art" in Pamplona (October 1-2, 2015)

COST Action FP1402 - 1st Workshop "Kick Off Meeting" in Karlsruhe (March 2-3, 2015)

Documents from WG2 in Karlsruhe Presentations from WG2 in Karlsruhe
WG2 - Attendance list

WG2-001 Andrea Bernasconi (Keynote)

WG2-002 Working Plan

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