WG 1 : Basis of Design

The most important task within this Working Group (Basis of Design) is the defragmentation and harmonization of techniques and methods that are necessary to prove the reliable, safe and economic application of timber materials or products in the construction industry. The techniques and methods will be documented in an understandable and illustrative guideline, ready to be used by e.g. regulatory bodies. As the corresponding scientific background is principally established, the focus of this Working Group will be associated with consistent harmonization, implementation and documentation. The guideline will be developed in close collaboration with the other Working Groups of the Action, i.e. the technological areas of Working Groups 2 to 4 will be considered as case studies for the application of the guideline document.

Specifically the following aspects will be considered in Working Group 1 :

  • General safety format and performance criteria
  • Consequence classes in timber Engineering
  • Characterization of material properties and structural Response
  • Correction factors (duration of load, moisture, size, etc.)

The framework and guideline to be developed has also to be seen as a toolbox enabling the fast transition of innovations and new technical developments into practival design.  

WG1 Leaders Prof. Jochen KÖHLER (NO) / Dr. Gerhard FINK (FI)

Fact Sheets of WG1 Members (as of November 26, 2018)

COST Action FP1402 - "Final Conference in Munich" (September 13-14, 2018)

COST Action FP1402 - 7th Workshop "Experts Meeting" in Helsinki (March 15-16, 2018)

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WG1 - Agenda

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WG1-035 Marcus Schiere

COST Action FP1402 - 4th Workshop in Mons (September 27-28, 2016)

COST Action FP1402 - 3rd Workshop in Stockholm (March 11, 2016) (copy 1)

COST Action FP1402 - 1st Workshop "Kick Off Meeting" in Karlsruhe (March 12-13, 2015) (copy 1)

Documents from WG1 in Karlsruhe Presentations from WG1 in Karlsruhe
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WG1-001 Sven Thelandersson (Keynote)

WG2-002 Working Plan

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