COST Action FP1402 - "Final Conference in Munich" (September 13-14, 2018)

Documents from the Conference MeetingPresentations from the Conference Meeting

Final Programme

Attendance List of FP1402 Members

Attendance List of Guests

Philipp Dietsch & Jochen Köhler (Opening)

WG1-036 Stefan Winter "Eurode 5 - a report on the current revision"

Session Working Group 1 - "Basis of Design of Timber Structures"

WG1-037 Jochen Köhler

WG1-038 Robert Jockwer

WG1-039 Daniel Honfi

WG1-040 Gerhard Fink

Session Working Group 2 - "Solid/Massive Timber"

WG2-049 Philip Zumbrunnen (Keynote)

WG2-050 Thomas Moosbrugger

WG2-051 Erik Serrano

WG2-052 Roberto Tomasi

Session Working Group 3 - "Connections"

WG3-042 José Manuel Cabrero, Robert Jockwer and Jean-Francois Bocquet

Session Working Group 4 - "Hybrid Timber Structures"

WG4-019 Alfredo Dias

WG4-020 Wendel Sebastian

WG4-021 Kay-Uwe Schober


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