Terrestrial Navigation

Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
  • Michael Meurer [L]
Umfang4 SWS
SemesterWintersemester 2022/23




- Basics of radio propagation: * Pathloss * Shadowing * Multipath - Navigation algorithms * Distance- and time-of-arrival based navigation * Distance difference * Time-difference-of-arrival based navigation * Angle-of-arrival based navigation * Signature based navigation * Multilateration * Hyperbolic localization - Cooperative navigation in radio networks - Cramér-Rao bound for localization accuracy - Trajectory based navigation: * Temporal post-processing * Kalman filtering - Navigation using GSM, UMTS, RFID, WLAN, Bluetooth

Studien-, Prüfungsleistung

Final exam: oral, 20 min. The use of the following material is permitted: four handwritten DIN A4 pages (each side of a sheet of paper counts for one page) and a non-programmable pocket calculator. All other items, including in particular books, cell phones,... are prohibited. The midterm exam counts as 25% of the final result, only if the midterm grade is better than the final one.