Satellite Communication Laboratory (Practical Course)

During the SatComLab the students will work in small groups on their own project with separated tasks for each student within the group. This practical course offers students the unique opportunity to work on ground station related projects in satellite communication. These projects will extend the capabilities of our 3 m class "Phoenix" ground station, which is set up on the roof of the N4 building at TUM.

The project work will be organized by the students themselves, following a coarse schedule agreed with their project supervisor. The current progress will be discussed in weekly group meetings, where the next steps will be coordinated and solutions to individual problems within the project will be found. Additional group meetings can be scheduled if required.

Besides the work on the assigned project, the lab will include two workshops on satellite communication, giving the participating students an introduction to satellites and connect the different topics of the lab beyond the individual group tasks.

The results of the project work will be presented to all students of the SatComLab in a mid term and a final presentation. Additionally a written final report is required from each group. Together with the presentations this is a good preparation for the participating students for their bachelor thesis.

The dates for the workshops, presentations and group meetings will be individually set based on the students availability. Attendance to these dates is mandatory.


Kick-off meeting on Tuesday, 16.10.2018, 13:00, Room N2405

The slides from the kickoff meeting will be uploaded here.

Winter term 2018/2019 projects:

  1. Development of a Signal to Noise ratio estimator (detailed description)
  2. Propagation of receiver metadata for status monitoring (detailed description)
  3. Implementation of a software satellite communication channel simulator (detailed description)

Please contact Martin Luelf for further information.