At the centre of teaching and research at the chair is the analysis of the multiple concepts of façade design. Interdisciplinary study and research, geared to the development of innovative components for building envelopes, are fundamental to the work undertaken here. 

Together with the renowned facade manufacturer FRENER & REIFER, we have developed a self-regulating window that opens and closes itself for the first time completely autoreactively and without... [more]

Building envelopes and their materials have a major impact on the microclimate of our cities. The overheating of urban areas, the so-called "urban heat island" effect is a major problem in many... [more]

The aim of the research project is to investigate the new potentials of additive manufacturing not only with regard to topology optimization (material efficiency) but, in particular, the integration... [more]

The research project for the integration of solar thermal (vacuum tube collectors) in façades concerns the energy in modern office façades. Heat captured with the façade collector delivers solar... [more]

The goal of this project is the development, testing and evaluation of a construction system using transparent membranes for winter housing of cultural goods with maximum transparency to preserve ... [more]

I Cover

I Cover is the development of energy efficient and modular façade element at the Chair of Technology and Design of Building Envelopes. Developed against the background of a discussion on... [more]