Visiting Scholars

Julio Paulos

is a visiting fellow at the MCTS and PhD Candidate at the ETH Centre on Society, Architecture and the Built Environment (ETH CASE) in Zurich.In his thesis – supervised by Ignacio Farías – Julio explores by which means planning is being operated and mediated in city administrations, in order to understand how epistemic framings and ontological arrangements perform in the formation, displacement and translation of planning issues.Previously, he was an assisting researcher on the SNSF project "Rethinking Zones: A comparative study of planning cultures" and has conducted ethnographic research on situated planning practices.

Duration of stay: 02 - 09/2017




Angela di Fiori

holds a degree in Sociology, specifically in science and technology studies and in organization studies. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Trento. Her research interest are in the CSCW field with a specific focus on requirements definition and dynamics of social appropriation of technology. Her research is in the healthcare and attempts to develop a knowledge management solution taking into account the contributions of participatory design, sociology of health and medical anthropology.

Duration of stay: 02 - 07/2017




Former Visiting Scholars

Gonzalo Correa

studied psychology at University of the Republic of Uruguay. In 2011, Master of Research in Social Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since 2009 teaching assistant at Programme of Psychology of Work and Organization, School of Psychology of University of the Republic (Uruguay).

Duration of stay: 04/2015 - 06/2015


Research Priorities

  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Actor-Network Theory
  • Public Engagement Infrastructures
  • Design and Participation

Awards / Fellowships / Scholarships

Fellowship at the Barcelona Science and Technology Studies Group, Autonomous University of Barcelona founded by National Agency of Research and Innovation-Uruguay (ANNI)


  • European Association for the Social Studies of Science [EASST]
  • Social Studies of Science and Technology Network, Spain [Red esCTS]
  • Iberoamerican Network of Psychology of Work and Organization [RIPOT]

Publications (Selection)

  • Correa, Gonzalo (forthcoming). Reseña del libro de Reviel Netz, Alambre de púas. A publicarse en Revista Arbor.
  • Palà, Guillem, Correa, Gonzalo y Butti, Daniel (2014/2015). La política más allá de lo humano: dominación y emancipación en los modos de relación con la vida. Revista Libre pensamiento, 81: 46-51. Versión online disponible en
  • Correa, Gonzalo and Domènech, Miquel (2013). Care Networking: A Study of Technical Mediations in a Home Telecare Service, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 10(7): 3072-3088. Disponible en:
  • Correa, Gonzalo and Domènech, Miquel (2012). Hackear la ciencia y la democracia. Decodificación y recodificación de un mecanismo de democracia deliberativa, Eä Journal, 4(2). Disponible en
  • Correa, Gonzalo (2012). El concepto de mediación técnica en Bruno Latour. Una aproximación a la teoría del actor-red, Revista Psicología, Conocimiento y sociedad, 2(1): 56-81. Disponible en: