International Day

The International Day is organized and coordinated jointly by the Departments of Informatics, Mathematics and Physics. Contact names and details are available under Contact/Press

Checklist for participants

Our checklist gives all participants an overview about the organizational steps perparing the International Day and the facilities at the event. You find further info about the reimbursement of your costs after the International Day. 

Country booths 2019

Bangladesh, Latin America, India, Turkey, Singapur, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, Albania/Kosowo, France, Egypt, Italy, Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nepal, Spain, USA, Nigeria, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Bulgaria, Iran, Palestine, Ireland, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Iceland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Estonia, South Africa, Tunisia, Brazil

Country booths 2018

Albania & Kosovo, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenia, Latin America, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, Singapur, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam and Yemen.

Country booths 2017

Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latin America, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Singapur, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam.

Country booths and other 2016

Albania & Kosovo, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia & Serbie, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Spain, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA

and the International Games Area.