Award Ceremony 2019

The suspense is always immense! ...and it usually is a close-run decision who will win in the categories "Small Booth" and "Big Booth"!

Our jury considers the follwing criteria:

  • Interactive offers, such as games, shows, workshops, activities etc.
  • Creativity
  • Appeal and openness for visitors
  • Teamwork at the booth, especially if it brings together German and international students

Our jury of 2019:

  • Verena Wimmer, Academic Programs Office, Secretar of the Examination Board for Master's programs in Informatics, Biomedical Computing and Data Engineering & Analytics, Department of Informatics
  • PD Dr. RenĂ© Brandenberg, Akad. Oberrat, Studienreferent, Department of Mathematics
  • Angela Puchert, Academic Programs Office Mathematics, Academic International Advisor, Department of Mathematics
  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Jonas, Tenure Track Professor for Digital Health, Department of Informatics
  • Valentin Zieglmaier, PhD Candidate at the Chair for Software and Systems Engineering, Department of Informatics
  • Gabi Cudmani, Student and member of the MPI Student Union, Physics Department

Awarded country teams 2019

Category "Big Booth": Team Turkey and Team Bangladesh

Category "Small Booth": Team Romania and Team Malaysia

Special Award: Estonia


Awarded country teams 2018

Category "Big Booth": Team France, India, Iran and Pakistan

Category "Small Booth": Team Bulgaria, China and Mongolia


Awarded country teams 2017

Category "Big Booth": Team France and India

Category "Small Booth": Team Bangladesh and Greece


Awarded Country Teams 2016

Category "Big Booth": Team Iran and Pakistan

Category "Small Booth": Team Kazakhstan and Mozambique

Special Prize of the Jury: Team Palestine and Syria


Awarded Country Teams 2014

Category "Big Booth": India and Iran

Category "Small Booth": Nepal und Russia


The awarded country teams 2013

Category "Big Booth": India

Category "Small Booth": Nepal and Nigeria

Awarded Country Teams 2012

Category "Big Booth": Bangladesh and Pakistan

Category "Small Booth": Mongolia and South Korea

Awarded Country Teams 2011

Morocco and Pakistan