Join us!

You moved to Germany to study at TUM and wish to represent your home country at the International Day? You spent an extended period of time abroad during your education, e.g. a semester or an internship abroad? Then you've come to the right place to share your excitement for your home or host country. Join us!

Become an Ambassador!

This is your chance to speak about your home country or your former host country and to pass on your experiences. We are excited about each participant! 

These country booths had signed up in 2018 and will most likely participate again. So join in! Is your home or host country not represented? Then we are just waiting for you!

How can I register

Join us and register in our Moodle-Group for your team.
With your mytum-Account all students interested in representing a country get access. Here you can register and start finding and communicating with your Team.

If you have any questions regarding your mytum-account please contact:
For questions concerning any issues with Moodle contact the Moodle Support:  

How do I find my team?

You will never be alone at a booth. Via our Moodle-Group you get in contact with your fellow students and create an excellent opportunity to exchange views on different cultures, universities, specialities and stories. If you need any help in reaching out to students, contact the Team International Day. Our websites for participants provide further information for the organizatorial steps including a checklist.

Let photos of past International Days inspire you!