Objectives and target audience

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from cognitive science, in particular from psychology and robotics, in order to discuss current findings related to the sensorimotor self and to define a common pathway. The workshop has the following three main objectives:

  • Shed some light about the development and construction of the sensorimotor self.

  • Discuss computational models that use self-perceptive learning as a basis for active interaction and agency inference.

  • Propose steps toward future interdisciplinary research regarding the active self concept.

This workshop seeks to attract five different audiences: (1) psychologists that want to share theories about the construction of the self and test them in robotic platforms; (2) researchers in AI and robotics who are interested in an interdisciplinary dialogue with psychologist and philosophers; (3) high profile researchers that want to create a knowledge network related to the active self and promote collaborations; (4) researchers and robot developers that want to learn about this emergent field and the current computational models, or to participate by submitting a contribution; and (5) students who want to initiate their scientific career in the amazing world of the interdisciplinary sensorimotor approaches.