We would like to thank all the participants for this amazing workshop! DoS2017 WS@ICDL-EpiRob 2017


Link to presentation: goo.gl/gqMDyP

  • The minimal self in the form of body ownership and agency seems to emerge from the interaction of the agent with the environment but there are also innate functions.

  • To which extent does minimal self depend on social interaction? Can the self arise from mere object interaction? Can the self arise from individual action?

  • Embodiment bottom-up rather plastic process of sensorimotor integration.

  • There is a need of interdisciplinary collaboration to aproximate terminologies and experimental paradigms.

  • Looking for the Turing test for the artificial Self.

  • Predictive coding, forward/inverse models and inter-modal associations.

  • Paradigm shift in robotics: (1) general sensorimotor integration, (2) refinement and plasticity, (3) Self/other distinction, (4) Interaction under uncertainty.


  • Sparse results -> Documentation collection and sensorimotor database
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Empirical validation
  • Special issue  (Combined: frontiers in neurorobotics, psychology cognition and computational neuroscience journals)
    Body Representations, Peripersonal Space, and the Self: Humans, Animals, Robots