MuniCat Research Topics

Following topics are addressed in current MuniCat projects:

  • Syngas chemistry, in particular valorization of CO2
  • Regenerative Hydrogen production and efficient application
  • Development of innovative catalytic systems and processes for base chemicals, such as short chain olefins
  • Innovative catalysts for selective hydrogenation of different substrates
  • Development of sustainable and Cr-free hydrogenation catalyst systems
  • Small pore zeolite-based catalysts for de-NOx application (SCR)
  • Sustainable systems for efficient catalytic recycling of waste materials
  • Fundamentally new methods for catalyst shaping
  • Simulation and modeling of fluid dynamics of catalyst loading
  • Modeling of new catalytic processes
  • In Silico Screening (Machine Learning)

Already closed MuniCat projects were investigation e.g. the separation of CO2 and its chemical conversion to energy sources and base chemicals, as well as the photocatalytic activation of the inert CO2 or the catalytic, light-induced splitting of water.

Together with academic and industrial partners, as part of the BMBF-funded iC4 cluster, the following individual projects were the main focus of research in MuniCat between 2011 and 2015:

  • CO2-Capture ⇒ AdCOO
  • CO2-Methanation ⇒ COOMeth
  • Photocatalytic Activation of CO2 and Water ⇒ PhotoCOO

Based on the results of recent projects, research on selected systems is prolongated.