Cañada Real Galiana – La ciudad lineal: Small interventions for big issues WS 15/16



Prof. Regine Keller, Prof. Ignacio Farias, Dr. Tomás S. Criado

Projects/ Collaborations

ProjectMaster's Project Landscape Architecture M 1|2, 12 ECTS
Integrative Discipline: Sociological research and citizen involvement, 3 ECTS
In the upcoming winter semester 2015/16 the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space, Prof. Keller, will offer a strategic design in the informal settlement Cañada Real Galiana, Madrid as Master‘s project 1|2. In media Cañada Real Galiana in Madrid is presented as the biggest slum of Europe and as dangerous no-go-area. But for more than 8,000 people the Cañada is their daily living environment and lived reality. Is it possible to develop public spaces and essential infrastructures—with the involvement of residents and marginalized groups—as urban catalysts in the Cañada and thereby to improve living conditions in the settlement?
Assignment TaskWanted are process-oriented development concepts for sector 5 of the informal settlement Cañada Real Galiana. The landscape architectural / urban interventions and strategies are to be developed by involving local initiatives, stakeholder networks, and marginalized groups—with the aim to develop public spaces and essential infrastructure as urban catalysts in the Cañada and to improve the living conditions in the settlement.
ExpeditionCome and try to develop small interventions for big issues with us! Expedition to Cañada Real Galiana from October 24th to 31th, 2015. Self-organized arrival at Saturday 24.10.2015. Earlier arrival respectively a later depature is possible. The excursion is an obligatory part of the design project. Self-organized arrival, departure, and accommodation. Incurring costs are to be beared by the participants; subsidiaries are requested.
RegistrationNumber of participants: max. 12 students. Master's Thesis is possible. Binding Registration via TUM-Online AND via Email to hannemann[at] Double registration for different projects will be negotiated among the Chairs.
Project Introduction and Tutoring Dates Monday 12.10.2015, 15:00 at Room O5, Institut für Landespflege und Botanik Regular tutoring every Thursday from 14:00h Introduction into theory and methodology of sociological field work with Prof. Ignacio Farias and Dr. Tomás S. Criado on Thursday 22.10.2015, 13:00 h at Augustenstr. 46, Munich.
Tutoring(Prof. Regine Keller) M. Sc. Johann-Christian Hannemann Dipl. Ing. Felix Ludicke Dr. Mark Kammerbauer (Transarchitecture) Prof. Dr. Ignacio Farias & Dr. Tomás S. Criado (MCTS, TUM)
Inputs and Guest Lectures The following seminars and lectures are very relevant and thus highly recommendable to join, others will be announced in the project: - Reading Seminary Infrastructure Theorie / Infrastrukturtheorie (Prof. Ignacio Farias; 10 meeting; Thursdays 10:00; Main campus TUM) - Lecture Series Praxis der Landschaftsarchitektur (Guest Lectures; Thursdays 18:00 - 19:30)
Course material and (course registration via TUM-Online required).