Sommersemester 2016

Architecture & Society
Übung (3 ECTS)Architektur/ Landschftsarchitektur/ Urbanistik

Modul: Technoscience and the City: Advances in Urban Theory

Lehrende: Ignacio Farías, Claudia Mendes, Hannah Varga

Participatory devices and the problems of public engagement6 ECTSArchitektur/ Urbanistik

Modul: Citizen Participation and Technical Democracy

Lehrende: Laurie Waller, Tomás Sánchez Criado

STS Figures to Think With1 ECTSPhD TechnoScienceStudies

Modul: PhD Workshops

Lehrende: Ignacio Farías, Jan-Hendrik Passoth, Tomás S. Criado, Laurie Waller

Mapping controversies in Science, Technology and Architecture5 ECTSScience and Technology Studies

Modul: STS Theory and Methods

Lehrende: Ignacio Farías, Laurie Waller