Design in Crisis. Coming to our Senses







Tomás Sanchez Criado, Ignacio Farías

Projekt MA

MA Architektur/ MA Urbanistik

Dienstags, 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr & 13:00 - 15:00 Uhr 


Ester Gisbert Alemany, University of Alicante

In this project, students will collectively explore what happens to architectural practice when we ‘come to our senses’. During the semester, on a weekly basis students will (a) experiment with a multi-sensorial approach to urban environments that centre-stages bodily experiences beyond the gaze and that is supported by different sensing devices, (b) reflect upon how such an approach puts many of the tools, strategies, aims and goals of architectural design in crisis; and (c) reimagine how a multi-sensorial architectural practice could look like.

Accordingly, we will, first, undertake a collective exploration of sensory practices, in order to re-appreciate the city and the built environment in a different light. This exploration will involve site visits, perception experiments, documentation exercises, and collective readings and discussions. Second, using a case-scenario approach, we will learn from these critical experiences to collectively prototype a new architectural toolkit, that is, a set of devices, methods, and skills necessary to re-equip our practice and make us ‘come to our senses.’

Check the website designed by the students with the documentation of the course here


25.4 Presentation of the course

2.5. Sensory exploration 1
9.5 Sensory exploration 2
16.5. Sensory exploration 3
23.5 Sensory exploration 4
30.5 Group discussion: ‘But, how to make sense from all this?’

6.6. Collective design of an architectural toolkit 1
13.6. Collective design of an architectural toolkit 2
20.6. Collective design of an architectural toolkit 3
27.6. Collective design of an architectural toolkit 4
4.7. Collective design of an architectural toolkit 5
11.7. Collective design of an architectural toolkit 6
18.7. Final presentation and evaluation

Learning to develop sensory skills and capacities of designers beyond the use of the gaze, as well as learning to become affected by the multi-sensory aspect of the situations in which they design, and the people they design with.
The course will operate on weekly workshops, including site visits, perception experiments, documentation exercises, collective readings and discussions, building and prototyping exercises.
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Anmerkung: Attendance to all sessions will be compulsory to pass the course
* Due to the experimental nature of the course the session’s contents will be explained to the students in due time (a week in advance).
* All sessions will have deliverables (with the exception of the group discussion on 30.5). They should be sent to the lecturers the day before of the next session. Then they will be collectively stored for everyone to be able to check them.