In collaboration with the TT Professorship for Digital Fabrication and the Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, we are offering a design-build workshop on the topic of "Climate... [mehr]

we are delighted to be featured by Jakob Schoof and the DETAIL magazine. Our Book edited by #OKEHauser and myself: Jakob School states: „… this book provides plenty of ideas for coping with housing... [mehr]

"Microclimate" describes climatic conditions close to the ground up to a height of about two meters and the climate that appears in a small, precisely defined area. These local zones with specific... [mehr]

All of our chair members are in home office and can only be reached via email. Take care + stay healthy. Your team of the  Associate Professorship of Architectural Design and Building Envelope ... [mehr]

For security reasons, the Board of the Foundatione Renzo Piano decided to suspend and postpone all the internships of 2020 to 2021. New dates to be confirmed. [mehr]

Sarah Moser, who won the RPBW internship program in 2019 has extended her internship at RPBW. The image shows a meeting in Paris office with Milly and Renzo Piano. From left: Juana Horcajo, Elora... [mehr]

We are delighted to see our latest article together with Prof. Thomas Auer in NEW MOVE at Birkhäuser discussing our research on kinetic elements in architecture...  New MOVE Architektur in Bewegung -... [mehr]

Moritz Mungenast hält einen Vortrag über das Forschungsprojekt ‚3D-pinted envelopes‘ und weitere Entwicklungen auf der formnext 2019 in Frankfurt im Rahmen der Veranstaltung BE-AM 2019 des DDU der TU... [mehr]

Article KGK Magazine Jaargang 40 2019 Nummer 4. Pages 13 - 20 www.kgkmagazine.nl [mehr]

Editor: Philipp Lionel Molter, Oke Hauser 2019 TUM University Press ISBN: 9783958840270 This book is a documentation and discussion on the history and future of collaborative living concepts. In... [mehr]