Low carbon power systems

Electromobility and alternative fuels

Climate change, increasing air pollution and rising noise emissions – many of today's forms of mobility no longer meet the needs of a sustainable society. The transformation of transport presents the opportunity to embark on new paths: Future mobility will be based on alternative drive technologies and energy sources, with a strong focus on electromobility.

This gives rise to many questions that require a scientific approach:

  • How can alternative energy sources and drive technologies be optimized to the point where they can fully replace fossil fuels?
  • Which energy and vehicle concepts will generate the biggest benefits for future mobility and in which sectors?
  • How can new forms of mobility be intelligently integrated into tomorrow's societies?

To answer these questions, the cooperation of all fields will be needed, starting with the optimization of the battery cell, the fuel cell and biological or synthetic fuels through to the intelligent integration of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen across all forms of mobility.