Klausurtagung of CRC 2019

Team members of CRC 768 conducted a closed meeting at benedictine Scheyern in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria. The secluded environment of the location provided an adequate opportunity for a thoughtful gathering without being interrupted. This ideal situation helped CRC 768 team to work in an ideal last sprint of the last funding period.

Closed meeting was a two-day event (14.01.2019 and 15.01.2019) with three main goals. First goal was coordinating activities of the last funding period, particularly with regard to preparation of the final event and the final report. Second aim was refreshing and sharpening our common understanding. Third objective was increasing interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing among experienced and new members. The first day was dedicated to collaborative work on new publications, continuous improvement of Design Platform of SFB 768, and preparation of an exciting final event for both practitioners and researchers. During the second day, SFB 768 members discussed the current results of the project and addressed a roadmap for continuing the successful experience of the research project. There were discussions on the next actions to form structures for presenting the results as well as continuing the collaborative research after end of the third funding period. In the historical venue, SFB 768 members brainstormed many creative ideas and in-between short breakouts were used for immediate implementation. This year’s gathering came to an end after two long, but successful days. What remains are new learnings and a stronger SFB 768 team.