Born in 2015 in the framework of the CRC 768 - Startup Soley gains momentum!

Soley's software solutions enable industrial companies to digitize complex product management processes and quickly optimize their complex product portfolios. Soley takes into account relevant dependencies between customer orders, products, components, and suppliers for complete visibility.


With Soley, companies eliminate margin eaters, cost drivers, redundancies, and legacy issues across their entire product portfolio. This reduces complexity, lowers costs, and frees resources for innovation and growth along the entire value chain.

Maximilian Kissel, co-founder and managing director of Soley: "Soley acts like a fitness program for complex product portfolios: "Our solution quickly and systematically reduces unnecessary ballast at product and component level. We are thus sustainably strengthening the performance of our customers - with an enormous leverage effect for the entire value chain".

And now Soley is making the long-established Viessmann company fit for its future markets. As one of the leading international manufacturers of energy systems, Viessmann cleanses and optimises its product portfolio with Soley and uses the resources released in the process specifically for innovation and sustainable growth. With the help of the software solution, Viessmann increased its product phase-out by around 25-30 per cent within a short period of time, thus consistently and efficiently separating itself from products that are no longer in demand and opening up an annual savings potential in the seven-digit range. Read more about Soley in the Handelsblatt: