Prof. Dr. phil. Ignacio Farías Hurtado

Assistant Professor at the Munich Center for Technology in Society and the Department of Architecture 

Sprechstunde (per email anmelden)

Studied Sociology and Philosophy at the Universidad Católica de Chile.
DEA in 2003 in Social- and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Barcelona, 2008 Graduation in European Ethnologie at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
2008 research fellow at the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile at the department for sociology.
2009-2015 research fellow at the department Kulturelle Quellen von Neuheit at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung.
Since February 2105 Tenure Track Assistent Professor of Munich Center for Technology in Society and TUM Department of Architecture.

Research Priorities

  • Science and technology studies, especially Actor-Network theory
  • Urban studies, especially infrastructures, design and participation
  • Cultural studies, especially culture and creative industries and interactions between humans and media

Academic distinctions/ Fellowships/ Scholarships

  • Guest professorship at the department for science and technology studies, University of Vienna (2014)
  • Fellowships am New School of Public Engagement (2016), Center for European Studies, Harvard University (2013), Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London (2010), Department of History, New York University (2007), Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University of Berlin (2005-2007)

European Association for the Social Studies of Science EASST

Referees and Expertise

  • Referee for research proposals for CONICYT-Chile (regularly since 2009) und Swiss National Fund (twice since 2011)
  • Referee for journal articles, i.a. Science, Technology & Human Values, STS Encounters, Technoscienzia, Urban Studies, CITY, Mobilities, European Journal of Social Theory, Journal of Material Culture, Social Anthropology, Social and Cultural Geography, Planning Theory and Progress in Planning

Publications (Selection)


  • Farías, I. 2017. An Idiotic Catalyst. Accelerating the Slowing Down of Thinking and Action. Cultural Anthropology, Vol. 32(1): 34-40
  • Farías, I. & A. Blok. 2017. STS in the City. In: Miller, Clark A./Felt, Ulrike/Fouché, Ray/Smith-Doerr, Laurel (Eds.) Handbook of Science and Technology Studies. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
  • Farías, I. & A. Blok. 2016. Introduction: Technical Democracy as a Challenge for Urban Studies. CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Vol. 20, Issue 4: 539-548
  • Farías, I. 2016. Devising Hybrid Forums: Technical Democracy in a Dangerous World. CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Vol. 20, Issue 4: 549-562
  • Farías, I. 2014. Improvising a market, making a model. Social housing policy in Chile. Economy & Society, Vol. 43(3): 346-369
  • Farías, I. 2014. Virtual attractors, actual assemblages: how Luhmann’s theory of communication complements actor-network theory, European Journal of Social Theory, Vol. 17(1): 24-41
  • Farías, I. 2014. Misrecognizing tsunamis: ontological politics and cosmopolitical challenges of early-alerts systems, Sociological Review, Vol. 61(S1): 61-87
  • Farías, I. 2011. The politics of urban assemblages, CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Vol. 15(3-4): 365-374

Edited books

  • A. Blok & I. Farías. Eds. 2016 Urban Cosmopolitics: Agencements, Assemblies, Atmospheres, London, New York: Routledge
  • Farías, I. & A. Wilkie. Eds. 2015. Studio Studies. Operations, Topologies & Displacements. London, New York: Routledge
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