Why Studying Data Science and Engineering?

Three factors demand more and more qualified people in these fields:

  • The explosion of the capability of acquiring data on a vast scope of the human experience.
  • The extension of measurement abilities and data collections open immense opportunities.
  • At this very moment, a new product or service enters the market as an application of data science and engineering.

Data Science and Engineering

According to the study "Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services, 2012–2015 Forecast“ conducted by the IDC (www.idc.com) for the European Commission, data-driven technologies and services are expected to grow worldwide at a compound annual growth rate of 40% – about seven times that of the ICT market overal.

  • Data Engineer: Masters very large databases and distributed information systems, is responsible of IT Security, and applies data analytics for structuring data
  • Data Analyst: Filters and extracts information from large amounts of data for informed stratigical decisions. Sensitve data is handled responsibly.

“Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century ...Data scientists are the key to realizing the opportunities presented by big data. They bring structure to it, find compelling patterns in it, and advise executives on the implications for products, processes, and decisions. They find the story buried in the data and communicate it. And they don’t just deliver reports: They get at the questions at the heart of problems and devise creative approaches to them....” Harvard Business Review, October 2012