First Class Teaching and Research Personnel

Mathematics in Data Science

Prof. Donna Ankerst

Professor of Biostatistics


Prof. Ulrich Bauer

Assistant Professor of Applied Topology and Geometry


Prof. Folkmar Bornemann

Chair of Numerical Mathematics / Scientific Computing

Prof. Claudia Czado

Professor of Applied Mathematical Statistics


Prof. Massimo Fornasier

Chair of Applied Numerical Analysis


Prof. Peter Gritzmann

Chair of Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics


Prof. Claudia Klüppelberg

Chair of Mathematical Statistics

Prof. Felix Krahmer

Assistant Professor of Optimization and Data Analysis

PD Peter Massopust

Privatdozent, Research Unit Applied Numerical Analysis


Prof. Fabian Theis

Chair of Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems


Prof. Michael Ulbrich

Chair of Mathematical Optimization


Prof. Michael Wolf

Chair of Mathematical Physics