23.04. And another Nature Communications, Congratulations Christian!

12.01. Check out Hannes' latest coup in Nature Commun.!

22.12. Mie receives a prestigious Villum Young Investigator grant to build up her own group at Aarhus University. Congratulations and all the best for your new start!

18.12. Third ACS Catal. of the year - congratulations, Wenbin!

01.12. First new PhD. student since the great exodus. The Oberhofer subgroup welcomes Yuxuan Yao

31.10. Check out Sina's ML paper in Nature Communications!

27.10. 15 MCPUh granted on JUWELS for Wenbin and Haobo! Congrats and crunch crunch!

24.10. Another ACS Catal. accepted! Congratulations, Martin and Mie!

22.09. Phys. Rev. Lett. for Jakob, Yonghyuk, Carsten and our friends from Vienna! Huurrraayy!!

17.09. We proudly present our latest doctor: Dr. Patrick Gütlein

17.09. Haobo makes it into ACS Catalysis. Well done!

08.09. Check out our latest publication in Nature Catalysis and the corresponding press release! Congratulations to Mie, Nico and our friends from Innsbruck.

01.09. Our group goes life at the new location, the Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft!

30.07. Our review on mapping molecules and materials is accepted by Accounts of Chem. Research. A great collaboration with Gabor Csanyi and many other friends.

25.07. Nico’s electrosorption paper is accepted by NPJ Computational Materials! Well done!

20.07. Bike outing to Aumeister. Sunny weather and enough distance, simply great!

16.07. We try out our first virtual social gathering in…

13.07. Alex King Lai will join our group in Berlin as a new Alexander von Humboldt fellow. Great news!

13.07. ...and the next virtual Doctor: Dr. Christoph Muschielok! Congrats!

01.07. Harald receives a prestigious Heisenberg Fellowship from the DFG!

29./30.06. Harald, Hannes, Nico and Albert organize a virtual workshop on Coupling Scales in Materials Simulations.

29.06. A first distance-conform outdoor picnic at our faculty. Sooo great to see everybody again.

10.06. Christoph brings in two new BMBF battery projects. $$$$

27.04. We have our first virtual Doctor in the house: Dr. Matthias Kick! Congratulations!

20.04. We take up online teaching. A new challenge!

27.03. Karsten takes over as new Chair of the Surface Science Division of the German Physical Society.

19.03. Welcome to our first virtual MSc student: Guido Spanu.

17.03. We are now fully in home office. Alive and kickin!

03.02. We have a new addition to the group, a warm welcome to Thorben Eggert!

14.12. We look forward to welcoming Prof. Peter Haynes (Imperial College London) as a Global Visiting Professor next spring!

22.10. Haobo and Nico get their CPU-time proposals for JUWELS granted! 13 MCPUh in total. Happy crunching!

09.10. Harald gets his project in the DFG Priority Program COORNETS extended. $$$$ Congratulations!

01.10. A warm welcome to our next italian group member, Elisabetta Landini!

17.09. Welcome to our new PhD student: Ke Chen!

02.07. Nico receives a prestigious EuroTECH fellowship. Congrats!

01.07. Welcome to our new group member: Dr. Julius Hornung.

24.06. Check out our latest review in Nature Catalysis!

17.06. Christian is the recipient of the Evonik Research Award 2019. Congratulations!

06.06. We look forward to welcoming Prof. Boris Kozinsky (Harvard) as August-Wilhelm-Scheer Visiting Professor this summer!

29.05. Welcome to our new group member: Dr. Yu-te Chan!

23.05. Karsten holds the MCEC Lectureship 2019.

01.05. A new research fellow: A warm welcome to Dr. Nico Hörmann!