Welcome to Micro­structured mecha­tronical Systems Group

Main focuses of our research are piezoelectric active micro structures. Hereby, we are developing novel energy harvesting and piezoelectric actuator solutions. Additionally to the qualification and application of the piezoelectric material PZT (Lead-Zirconate-Titanate), we also research the qualification, characterization and perspective application of organic piezoelectric polymer foils, like PVDF (Poly-Vinyliden-Di-Flourid).

In the field of energy harvesting we look for solutions other than the usual utilization of vibrations as primary energy source.

Regarding the piezoelectric actuators we concentrate on novel, surface electrode layouts placed on only one side of the piezoelectric material. Those surface electrodes cause unfamiliar deflections and also lead to a simplified electrical connection.

A further focus of our research is the detection of mechanical parameters like pressure, force acceleration, tilt and so on using novel micro structured sensor solutions. The main research here is done with organic polymers on the basis of PDMS (Poly-Di-Methyl-Siloxane). For detection mainly capacitive principals are used. In combination with piezoelectric materials dynamic detection methods are also possible.

PDMS is also applied as basic material for micro fluidic components, e.g. channel structures, and for active piezoelectric micro valves and micro pumps.