SENSE Publications

The following is a selection of SENSE-related papers for those who want to learn more about the tool, its underlying techniques and ongoing work in the area. If you plan to cite the tool in your paper, please use cite the tool paper appearing in MeTRiD 2018. See also the lists of all HCS-group papers for more details about the research related to the tool.

Tool Paper
M. Khaled, M. Rungger, and M. Zamani. SENSE: Abstraction-Based Synthesis of Networked Control Systems. 1st International Workshop on Methods and Tools for Rigorous System Design (MeTRiD 2018), April 2018. (Preprint).
Theoretical Background
M. Zamani, M. Mazo Jr, M. Khaled, and A. Abate. Symbolic models for networked control systems. Submitted for publication. (Preprint)
M. Khaled, M. Rungger, M. Zamani. Symbolic models of networked control systems: A feedback refinement relation approach. The 54th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Sept. 2016. (IEEE Explore)