While FinTech has extensively fostered financial inclusion, by establishing fast and easy access to financial services through digital channels, it still struggles to have a similar effect on consumer financial health, as most FinTech apps are only do-it-yourself solutions that provide little financial education or advice.
Consequently, FinTech has only marginally benefitted the large share of consumers that struggle with their personal finances. For instance, according to Eurostat almost 42% European households have difficulty to make ends meet and it is difficult for them to invest in their future. Our research aims to support such households in improving their financial health by investigating effective ways to change their financial behaviour.

Improving Personal Financial Management

Our research aims to support households in improving their personal financial management by investigating effective ways to change their financial behaviour. 

Improving Retail Investor Behavior

Our research aims to help retail investors by investigating effective ways to improving their trading behaviour. 

Monitoring Macro Implications of Household Financial Decision Making

Our research aims to understand the macro effects of household financial behavior by investigating big and proprietary data sets and taking advanatage of natural experiments .