Welcome to the Chair of Digital Finance

We are passionate about financial technology and investigate how it influences consumer financial health. We investigate relevant research questions in close cooperation with Fintechs and use AI, Big Data and digital experiments to answer them. In addition, we develop digital financial products and services based on current research with the aim of improving consumer financial decision making.


"With practical teaching and research we want to increase the positive impact of Financial Technology on society!"

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Loos 


We are offering lecutres, seminars and final theses related to Consumer Finance and Financial Technology at the bachelor and master level. Additionally, we offer Project Studies and IDPs in cooperation with banks and FinTech start-ups.


With our research we explore how Financial Technology influences consumer financial health and how it can be used to increase it.


We support Entrepreneurs in buidling a more inclusive and sustainable financial system. Partners benefit from our distinctive expertise, our large industry network and our university environment.