Innovation for the Built Environment

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Overview of TUM-activities in the Built Environment

The following TUM activities in the field of Built Environment are presented:

  • Overview Research Fields & Facilities
  • Venture Lab Built Environment
  • Startup "urbanistic."
  • Leonhard Obermeyer Center
  • Research project "ProgressTrack"
  • SFB Research Project "Additive Manufacturing"
  • 3-printed facades 3F Studio
  • TUM.wood
  • Research project "Einfach Bauen"
  • Spin-off "Climateflux"
  • Real Estate Cluster
  • Research project "Collaborative Design Platform"
  • reused.TUM
  • Executive education programmes
  • PowerSKIN Conference


Future Challenges of the Built Environment
Prof. Thomas Auer, TUM Department of Architecture

The interview takes a closer look at future challenges, TUM's Built Environment activities, and how the research world needs to change in response to these challenges.

AI in Built Environment
Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Borrmann, Leonhard Obermeyer Center (TUM)

This interview provides insights into the potentials, the current status and the activities at TUM in the field of "AI in Construction".

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