4th Workshop on Vine Copula Distributions and Applications

May 11-12, 2011 

Technische Universität München

 Vine Pair Copula Constructions provide a novel and flexible framework for constructing multivariate models. They have been shown to be highly competitive in a variety of applications including networks, insurance and finance. The purpose of this workshop is to review significant recent advances in vine modeling, to discuss the wide variety of interesting open questions in this area, and to provide a platform for future collaboration on this exciting and fast-growing research topic. This workshop is the continuation of a series of workshops in Delft 2007/2008 and Oslo 2009. Help us spread the word on the workshop by printing out our poster and displaying at your institution.

Results from the first three workshops have been published in D. Kurowicka and H. Joe (Eds.), DEPENDENCE MODELING: Vine Copula Handbook. World Scientific Publishing Co.

The full workshop program can be accessed here: Program of the 4th Workshop on Vine Copula Distributions and Applications
The R-package "CDVine: Statistical inference of C- and D-vine copulas" can be found here: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/CDVine/.
There will be a short course on Copulae calibration in theory and practise, Kraków, Poland, 9th July 2012. 


Talks will be held over both days, while the poster session will take place after dinner on the evening of the 11th May. The followed invited speakers have already confirmed they will be attending the workshop. 

  •  Kjersti Aas (Oslo) 
  • Roger Cooke (Delft) 
  • Claudia Czado (Munich) 
  • Dorota Kurowicka (Delft) 
  • Harry Joe (Vancouver) 
  • Michael Smith (Melbourne) 
  • Peter Song (Ann Arbor) 

The full workshop program can be accessed here: Program of the 4th Workshop on Vine Copula Distributions and Applications.
Also, a list of the poster presenters and titles can be accessed here: List of posters.


An introductory talk was given by Claudia Czado. A file with all presentation slides can be accessed here: *.tar.gz*.zip.


Social Gathering
We will be hosting an social gathering on the evening of the 10th May at 19:00 at the Buergerhaus in Garching.  This will be an 'informal' get together before the conference begins and the cost of the dinner will not be covered by registration fees. 

The following is a non-exhaustive but comprehensive list of key references on vine pair copula constructions. These reading materials provide background and context to many of the concepts and new research ideas that will be presented at the workshop and have been provided for the attendees convenience.

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The organising committee for the workshop is made up of

  • Claudia Czado,
  • Thomas Klein,
  • Alexander Bauer,
  • Eike Brechmann,
  • Anastasios Panagiotelis.

We would also like to express many thanks to Christine Kley and Christina Steinkohl for their significant assistance. Please make enquires by e-mail at the following address: vines@ma.tum.de.