Workshop "Adaptivity in Urban Traffic Control" – July 2, 2015


Adaptive control schemes to manage urban traffic are widely used across the world showing a big variety of functional and technical ways of implementation. Where transport science and industry are offering more and more solutions to cope with the different requirements stemming from the multi-modal transport market, cities face various challenges to use the offered technical potential in an optimal way –for the benefit of their urban traffic and transport situation. Among many success stories there are also failures, which need to be discussed. The workshop therefore aims to

  • Show current state of the art solutions as well as scientific steps into next generation urban traffic control, provided by scientific research and transport industry
  • Discuss experiences of cities with various types of adaptive signal control in their networks – from success to failure
  • Exchange insights into the challenges of adaptive urban traffic control and identify barriers to unlock the claimed potential of provided systems.

Structure, Workshop Format

  1. Setting the Scene (plenary session)
    Representatives from science, industry and authority will present their views and experiences in short statements, concluding with inputs for discussion. Interactive discussion with audience will complement the statements.
  2. Discussion in Focus Groups (rotating break out sessions)
    Key topics from the first session will be discussed in 4-5 focus groups, chaired by experts. (participation to the focus groups is free and may vary during the session)
  3. The Way Forward (plenary session)
    Findings from the second session are presented and discussed in the plenary.


Speakers: Representatives from SCIENCE, INDUSTRY, AUTHORITY (confirmed participation see below)
Audience and Workshop Participants: Open to participants from mobil.TUM conference who are interested  as well as separate participation

Workshop Language

Subject to participation: English and/or German


9:30 –16:30 (including coffee and lunch breaks)


Verkehrszentrum Deutsches Museum, Am Bavariapark 5, 80339 München, Seminarraum, Halle 1


Findings of the workshop will be published in an international journal paper.

Speakers, Moderators

 (participation inquired or confirmed at date of publication)

Fritz Busch Technical University of Munich
Kian Keong Chin Land Transport Authority, Singapore
Martin Fellendorf Technical University of Graz
Larry Head University of Arizona
Jörg Lange City Authority, Berlin
Huapu Lu Tsinghua University Beijing
Benjamin Maor City of Tel Aviv
Manuel Milli Swarco, Austria
Jürgen Mück Siemens, Germany
Bernd Noll City Authority, Kassel
Pavel Prybil University of Prague
Aleksandar Stevanovic Florida Atlantic University
Patrick Stieler City Authority, Düsseldorf
Jaap Vreeswijk Imtech, Netherlands
Florian Weichenmeier PTV, Germany
NN City of Rome
NN TRL and/or TfL, London