1st Conference Day - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

09:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee
09:30 Opening session
Welcome and Introduction
Fritz Busch (Technische Universität München)
Welcome Address from Technische Universität München
Thomas F. Hofmann (Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation)
Welcome Address from the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Building and Transport
Kurt Bechtold (Deputy Director, Transport Department, Division for Transport policy and planning, International and cross-border transport issues)
Hermann Meyer (Chief Executive Officer of ERTICO)
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Session 1 - Modelling
A robust framework for the estimation of dynamic OD trip matrices for reliable traffic management
J. Barcelo, J. Montero
Theoretical and practical capabilities of probabilistic data fusion with Bayesian networks
T. Neumann, M. Junghans
Optimization-based clustering of urban networks through snake segmentation
M. Saeedmanesh, N. Geroliminis
A GIS-based Cellular Automata Model for Planning Bicycle-Rental Network
M. Meng, J. Zhang, Y.D. Wong
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Poster Presentations
Optimal control of traffic lights and the value of arrival time information
R. Haijema, E. Hendrix, Juan, L.G. Casado
Impact of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication on traffic flow, safety, and environment
R. Neuhold, M. Fellendorf, M. Gerstenberger, J. Gessenhardt
Estimation of Origin-Destination Trip Matrices and Traffic Mode Share Based on Mobile Phone Data
W. Qu, H. Lu
Guidelines for Development of Functional Requirements and Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Control Systems
M.N. Mladenovic, A. Stevanovic, I. Kosonen, D. Glavic
Preparing a Roadmap for Connected Vehicle/Cooperative System Deployment Scenarios: Case Study of the State of Oregon, USA
R.L. Bertini, H. Wang
A roadmap to realization: An integrated cross-client ITS for Luxemburg’s public transport system
U. Martin, W. Kieslich, A. Barth
The Multi Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System (MMITSS)
K.L. Head, Y. Feng, M. Zamanipour, S. Khoshmagham, S. Khosravi, B. Beak, S. Fatehi
Concept of an Intelligent Strategic Routing Scheme: In-Car Route Recommendation for Event Traffic
A. Alexopoulos, I. Stamatakis, S. Krause, S. Amini
Day-to-day dynamics for large-scale networks with perimeter control and route choice
M. Ramezani, M. Yildirimoglu, N. Geroliminis
Simulating SCATS in Singapore
X. Liu, R. Riemann, T. Schendzielorz, F. Busch
Toward Understanding the Benefits of Transit Signal Priority: Case Study Using High Resolution Transit and Traffic Signal Data
M. Figliozzi, W. Feng, R.L. Bertini
Adaptive Stage Skipping
X. Lin, A. Poschinger
14:00 Session 2A - Urban Traffic Control
Using Vehicle Telematic to Improve Urban Traffic Control System
X. Liu, A. Rau, F. Busch
Enabling the cooperative traffic light: phases and timing prediction algorithms
M. Bottero, G. Alcaraz, G. Franco, M. Milli, A. Schmid
Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Control through Performance Metrics based on High-Resolution Controller Data
A. Stevanovic, M. Zlatkovic, I. Dakic, C. Kergaye
Operational perspectives on eco-traffic signals and possible transition paths
J. Vreeswijk, J.M. Salanova Grau, R. Blokpoel, E. Mitsakis
14:00 Session 2B - Traffic Data and Quality Management
Detector plausibility checking with and without data fusion
T. Riedel
Validation of advanced driver assistance systems by airborne optical imagery
F. Kurz, D. Rosenbaum, H. Runge, P. Reinartz
Estimation of traffic signal timing data and total delay for urban intersections based on low frequency floating car data
S. Axer, F. Pascucci, B. Friedrich
A Concept for Crowdsourcing of In-Vehicle Data to Improve Urban On-Street Parking
M. Margreiter, P. Mayer, F. Orfanou
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Session 3 - Automated Vehicles
User attitudes towards and acceptance of automated vehicles – how prospective use cases make a difference
E. Fraedrich, R. Cyganski
Designing traffic management strategies for mixed urban traffic environments with both autonomous and non-autonomous vehicular traffic
N. Bailey, C. Osorio, A. Antunes
Analysing the capacity of autonomous transportation systems with microscopic traffic flow simulation
R. Neuhold, E. Lepka, M. Fellendorf, A. Kerschbaumer, M. Rudigier
Anthropocentric Development of Intersection Control Principles for Self-driving Vehicles under Considerations of Social Justice
M.N. Mladenovic, M. Abbas
17:30 Optional: Guided Tour Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum, München
19:00 Conference Dinner