05 Logbook Munich

The sketchbooks from which a selection was taken to form this book have accompanied us to different places in the world. For shorter or longer periods of time, we used to sit down to sketch, observing things over the edges of our books. Whatever we saw ended up on paper in one form or another, but our sketches inevitably end with the edge of the book. What did we see beyond the margins of our sketches that cannot be seen on the following pages? What does a drawing tell us draftswomen and draftsmen, and what does it tell strange observers?




05 Logbook Munich - Sketching the World
Publication: 2021
Editors: Anthony Butcher, Sophie Lin, Clemens Lindner, Johannes Mirwald
Publisher: Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Architektur
ISBN: 978-3-948278-26-7
Language: German & English
Pages: 112